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  1. Copy this code
  2. Paste it under the <head> tag

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  1. Open Hypster
  2. Log in to your account 
  3. Go to create playlist
  4. Type in your desired playlist name
  5. Go to Search, look for some songs that you wanna play
  6. After for searching a song, searches would be displayed, You must click the ADD button
  7. After searching the songs that you like, Go back to the Homepage, Click the Cool Widgets
  8. Choose your own Widget (Tumblr Widget is at the left side)
  9. Choose the color of your Tumblr Widget and Press get the code
  10. Paste the code on your blog (BASIC TUMBLR URL’s are here)

  1. First type in
  2. If you wanna go to the Customize page, type in
  3. If you wanna check out your followers, type in
  4. If you wanna check messages, type in
  5. If you wanna check out your queue posts, type in

(Source: tutsandcodes)

freetendencies said: check my blog. I dont know how to put the small hyspter music playa

i’m gonna feature Hypster tutorials later

Go here if you wanna have a url in your picture:

  1. TinyPic
  2. Image Shack
  3. Photobucket (You need to Sign up first here!)

(Source: tutsandcodes)

  1. Copy this code  here 
  2. Paste it under <style type-“text/css”> tag

(Source: tutsandcodes)

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